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Arie Harpaz
Arie Harpaz Born in Romania,
raised and educated in Israel, Ari has gained significant recognition for his contributions to the field of surreal art. He began his training with a sponsorship by the City of Tel Aviv at the Fine Art School in Tel Aviv where he studied under the tutelage of Joseph Louizada before venturing into the world of Fantastic Surrealism which he mastered while studying under Antonioni Casale in Genoa, Italy.

Since his first exhibit opened in 1975, Ariís work is seen throughout the USA, Europe and Israel. Arie Harpaz also collaborates with such well known painters and sculptors as Sandu Liberman, Antoni Juan Lopez, Guy Garcia and Louis Montoya.

Of all the acclaim that Arie Harpaz has received, perhaps this letter that he recently received says it best:

Arie Harpazís work is dynamic and captivating, forcing the viewer to confront directly powers way beyond his control. His masterful charcoal renderings, oil paintings and bronze creations achieve a hyper-surreal precision, which has brought him considerable critical acclaim and public recognition. The artistís work haunts us. The images are charged with intensity and a sense of magic. His work has been received by the public and by the New York art critics. We are looking forward to many creative ventures in Israel. A serious hardworking man, deserving of our support and respect.


Augustino Di Martino

President of Long Beach Art Galleries Association

Ari Harpaz Bronze Jerusalem of Gold
Angelo By Arie Harpaz Ari Harpaz Angelo Bronze
Ari Harpaz Bronze Venus
Ari Harpaz Bronze Lovers
Ari Harpaz Bronze Pears
Ari Harpaz Bronze The Fortune Teller Ari Harpaz Bronze And Stone Ari Harpaz Bronze
Ari Harpaz Bronze Chanukia
Ari Harpaz Bronze
Ari Harpaz Bronze
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