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Ben Abrham

1956 - Ben Abrham Born in Bombay India

1957 - Immigrated in Israel

Studied Bezalel Art School, Jerusalem

Ben Abrham is a Jerusalem painter, an artist who lives and breathes Jerusalem in most of his lively oil paintings and watercolors. The characters he depicts are not creations of a stranger overcome with the exotic. They are figures of people in their own world, harmony between man and his environment, a full life.

His themes are mainly landscapes of his beloved Jerusalem, her arched alleyways, steep narrow streets, spires, citadels and gates in the wall of the ancient city. His seascapes, in delicate watercolors, of Jaffa and Acre have a minimal regard for such actualities as Nature's laws but with the light and rhythm of a real Mediterranean seacoast.
In the land of Israel there is something special about the sunlight and the local scale of colors and these Ben Avram understands and captures in his paintings


Ben Abrham Oil on Canvas
Ben Abrham Oil on Canvas
Ben Abrham Oil on Canvas
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