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E. Denis

E. Denis was born in April of 1971 in Belarus to a family of architects.

During his childhood years, he spent a great deal of time with his grandfather, who served as a military photo correspondent and who was well known for his contribution to the countryís culture. Denisís grandfather had a profound influence on him and taught him to always see the positive in the world around him.

His painting skills were evident as a young boy, and even in his early childhood, his art began to develop. Denisí parents were determined that he become a professional painter and sent him to art school.
In 1989, Denis graduated from the artistic high school where his parents had sent him following their desire for him to be a painter. In addition, he also took drawing lessons from the Artistic Institute in the city where he lived and grew up.


E. Denis Oil on Canvas
E. Denis Oil on Canvas
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