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Eran Shakin
Eran Shakin was born in 1962 in Israel.

Eran studied art at Wizo Art School in Israel.
Eran lived in New York between the years 1987 to 1992, where he worked as an assistant for the artist Karel Appel. Eran currently works and lives in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Selected One Man Exhibitions
1987 Givon Fine Arts Gallery, Tel Aviv
1989 Selected 43, The Drawing Center, New York
1990 Hezliya Museum, Israel (Catalogue)
1993 Arsuf Gallery, Israel (Catalogue. Essay: Phillipe Yenawine)
1995  “Pools”, Artists House, Jerusalem (Catalogue. Essay: Smadar Sheffi)
1997  “New Sculptures”, The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan (Catalogue.
Curated by Meir Aharonson. Essay: Ruti Director)                                                        
2000  July M. Gallery, Tel Aviv (Catalogue. Essay: Amnon Barzel)
2002  ‘Maneuverability” July M. Gallery, Tel Aviv (Catalogue).
2003  “Domestic” Hezliya Museum, Israel
2004 “Paintings from 87 to-97“ Micky Tiroch Fine Arts Ltd. London (Essay: Tali Tamir)

2005 “About love“ permanent cite specific sculpture installation at the museum tower. Tel Aviv

2005 “DJ. Rabbit“ comics installation on 200 billboards on the streets of  Tel Aviv . 
Selected Group Exhibitions
1984  Noemi Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
1987  Givon Fine Arts Gallery, Tel Aviv
1993  “Small Works Show”, NYU Gallery, New York (Curated by Arnie Glimcher)
“Fragile Power: Exploration of Memory”, The Newton Arts Center, Mass.               

(Curated by Daniel L. Schacte)
1994  “The Cadavre Exquis”, The Drawing Center, New York (Catalogue.
Essay: Ingrid Schaffner, Charles Simic, Mary Ann Caws)               

The Corcoran Gallery of Arts, Washington Santa Monica Museum of Arts 

Forum for Contemporary Arts, St. Louis
 American Center, Paris , France
Contemporary Art Meeting, Tel Hai 94, Israel

1995 “Critics Choice”, Painters’ and Sculptors’ Association Gallery, Tel Aviv
“Little Forest Sculpture”, Ra’anana, Israel
1998 “Nature as Homeland”, The Presidents’ Residence, Jerusalem
Israeli Sculpture 1948-98, The Open Air Museum, Tefen
“Facing The Reality”, Israeliche Kunstler, Germany (Catalogue)
1999 Tel Aviv Museum
Israel Museum
2000 Arturo Schwartz Collection ,Tel Aviv Museum,
2001 “Sacred Mediterranean" Museum of Visual Arts, Catania, Italy
“ Arco” Madrid, Spain
2002 “ 25 yeares” The Drawing Center, New York
2003 ‘‘Ruins Revisited’’the image of the ruin in Israel 1803-2003,

Time for Art-Israeli Art Center, Israel (Catalogue. Essay: Gideon Ofrat) 
2005  On the banks of the Yarkon ,Tel Aviv Museum, (Catalogue. Essay:Varda Steinlauf)

 Grants and Scholarships
1989-90 “Arts Matters”, New York
1995 Artist in residence, “cite”, Paris
Public Collections

Tefen Open Air Museum, Israel
Ein Harod Museum Israel
Herzliya Museum, Israel
Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Tel Aviv Museum, Israel
 The British Museum, London
 Ludwig Museum, Aachen, Germany

The Drawing Center, New York

Selected Private Collections

Sandel Medical Industries, Chatsworth, CA

 Phillipe Yenawine, N.Y.C

Amnon Barzel, Milano

Arturo Schwartz, Milano

Alan Lloyd, Sydney

Henry E. Knobil, London

Hal Schusterman, N.Y

Charls Schusterman, Tulsa Oklahoma

Eli Fiscer,Fischer Pharmaceuticals INC, California

Sheldon Razin, California

Brent Capital Llc. N.Y.C

Najo and Associates, Tokyo

Barbara Silverman, Atherton, California

Soraya Masjedi Nazarina, Los Angeles, California

David M. Rosenblatt, N.Y.C

Sara Fogel, N.Y.C

Ariel Paris, Dusseldorf & Antverpen

 Lora Bendgens, Dusseldorf

Rachel and Oren Peleg, London

 Nomura International Finance Group, London

Linda Edwards, Toronto

Joanna Nittenberg, Wien

Marc Feustel, Aachen

Frances Carey, London

Joan and Herald Horwitz, London

Ariel Lindner, Paris

Emilio Borra, Milano

Sara Sela, N.Y.C

Judith Recanati, N.Y.C

Marc Scheps, Koln

Michelle Schwartz, Berkeley CA

Laurie White, Bverly Hills CA

Richard A Lerner and Nicola Green Lerner, La-Jolla CA

Sara Alaloff, London & N.Y

Naan nadar, Miami, Florida

Daniel L. Schacte, Harvard school of psychology. Boston, Mass


Eran Shakin Oil On Canvas Eran Shakin Oil On Canvas Eran Shakin Oil On Canvas Eran Shakin Oil On Canvas Eran Shakin Oil On Canvas Eran Shakin Oil On Canvas Eran Shakin Oil On Canvas Eran Shakin Oil On Canvas Eran Shakin Oil On Canvas
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