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Arthur Segal
Arthur Segal 1875-1944

Painter, sculptor and teacher. Born in Jassy, Romania, of Jewish parents. Began to study at the Berlin Academy 1892. Moved to Munich in 1896 to become a pupil of Schmid-Reutte, and later of Hoelzel; afterwards studied in Paris and Italy 1902-3. Settled in Berlin in 1904 and exhibited with the Berlin Secession; helped in 1910 to found the Neue Secession and exhibited there with Nolde, Kirchner and the other Br-4cke artists. Made oils and woodcuts in an Expressionist style. Lived 1914-20 in Ascona, Switzerland, where he began in 1916 to experiment with optical equi-balance and episodic narrative painting. Met Jawlensky and Arp, and was in contact with the Dada group. In 1920 returned to Berlin, where he became a director of the Novembergruppe with which he exhibited until 1931. First one-man exhibition at the Galerie Altmann there in 1920. Ran his own painting school in Berlin 1923-33; declined in 1925 the offer of a teaching post at the Bauhaus in Dessau. Made pictures with prismatic light or a Cubist structure, and relief sculptures, then in 1927 turned again to a naturalistic style. Emigrated in 1933 to Palma, Majorca, then settled in 1936 in London. Founded in London in 1936 the Arthur Segal Painting School for Professionals and Non-Professionals, which still exists. Died in London


Arthur Segal Oil On Wood
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