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  Arman was born in 1928 in Nice, Franc, as Armand Pierre Fernandez.
He was a son of an antique collector in Nice and took his degree in Philosophy and Mathematics in 1946.
Initially, he started studying Painting at the École Nationale d'Art Decoratif and later enrolled in the École du Louvre in Paris, where he focused in the study of Archaeology and Oriental Art. By the same time, he starts to practice the abstract and surrealistic styles. Nevertheless, in 1958, Arman quits painting and dedicates to his “Artistic actions” – the Happenings.
Due to a spelling error at an exhibition advertisement, he changes the spelling of his name from Armand to the now well-known Arman.

Towards 1959, Arman makes his first sculptures which assembled large quantities of identical objects melted inside Plexiglas - Accumulations.
In 1960, being already an important vanguard Artist of Paris, Arman creates a group called The Nouveau Realism (New Realism), in which the motto was to redefine the concept of Art and the of the Artist for a 20th Century consumer society, facing the industrial expansion.
Later on, American Pop Artists would continue the trend of embracing the everyday-life through Artistic expression, elevating the banal to the esoteric.
In 1962, Arman travels to New York and Los Angeles to participate in exhibitions along with French and American Artists. He teaches Art at the University of California for a period of time.
In 1970, he moves to the Soho in New York and 2 years later he chooses the American nationality.
Arman Fernandez travels all around the world exhibiting his works, e.g.: the French Pavilion at the Osaka’s World's Fair - Japan; Retrospective in Hanover - Germany; Monumental Sculpture for the park Long Term - Montreal; Museum of Modern Art of Parma - Italy; Retrospective in the Civic Arts Museum of Lugano - Switzerland; Retrospective in the Museum Seibu -Tokyo.
Continuous working in the series "Starry Night" during a year, this collection is shown at the Reflex of Amsterdam, and at the collective Exhibition "Ace" in Los Angeles, California.
Arman is represented in the main world museums and is considered to be one of the biggest contemporaneous sculptors.
Arman died in 2005.

Arman Oil on Canvas
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