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Ludwig Blum
Ludwig Blum was born in 1891 in Czechoslovakia.

The gifts of the artist were revealed in early youth with his drawings of peasants. His professional education commenced with the painter D. Cohen in Vienna, followed by studies at the Royal Academy, and finally in 1919, the Prague Academy. Blum's service in the Austrian Army interrupted his studies for 5 years during World War I. The Academy was followed by the classical painter's pilgrimage to Holland, France and Spain. He was always a sportsman, and enthusiastic Zionist. In 1923, he settled in Israel and ultimately in Jerusalem.

Blum exhibited frequently, both in Israel and abroad. In 1933, one of his paintings "Jerusalem" received special mention at the Royal Academy, London.

Blum was a painter of love. He loved his country, and his country reciprocated that love. Today, Blum occupies a central place among the masters of Eretz Israel. His works are found in museums and private collections around the world. They increase in value and are much sought after by collectors. Blum died in 1974.


Ludwig Blum Oil on Canvas Ludwig Blum Oil on Canvas
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