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You are about to look through our on-line window into the Tribes Fine Art Gallery. We're Israel's premier art gallery situated on the bustling and scenic Tel-Aviv waterfront. 
Discover the works of fresh young talent whose artistic creations scream out to be discovered, as well as the creations of passionate professionals whose works are displayed at shows, galleries, museums and in private collections around the world. 
Many believe there is no finer collection of paintings and sculptures created by the hands, hearts, souls and minds of ambitious contemporary Israeli artists at all levels of their careers and development.
In addition to our collection of works from these fine artists, visitors to our gallery are pleasantly surprised to discover that we also house one of the largest archives of original art from world-famous artists and masters including Picasso, Chagall, Mane, Métis, Monet, Kandinski and so many more. Just contact us for the complete list. 
Come inside and browse our collections from some of Israel.
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